Hot new trend — Women posting photos of their hairy armpits online

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armpit hair 4 The women of China are in a crazy armpit hair competition — except there’s no prize.

Young women in China are taking selfies of their hairy pits and posting them to the Chinese version of Twitter. What’s more shocking — women and pit hair or that there is a Chinese Twitter? Isn’t Twitter just Twitter? Whatever, back to the pits.

Young women are flooding the Chinese website Weibo with images of their unshaven underarms in a bizarre social media trend.

The competition, called ‘Girls not plucking their armpit hair’ is said to be challenging social norms and encouraging women to keep their body hair.

The natural movement of shaggy women isn’t stopping with the pits either — Last month on Tumblr, the Hairy Legs Club invited women to post photos of their unshaven gams “to make a statement about social expectations of beauty.”

Here are a few of the armpit photos uploaded to Weibo. Just because. You’re welcome.

armpit hair 1

armpit hair 2

armpit hair 3

[via Daily Mail]

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