Arnold Schwarzenegger will be Conan once more

by 6 years ago
Conan The Barbarian

Universal Pictures

No, not the red-haired talk show host. The other Conan. There was a lot of concern about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s post-political life. After you’ve served as Governor of California, can you really go back to a Hollywood career, especially as an aging action star? Ronald Reagan sure didn’t make any movies after he was President, you know. But those worries turned out to be unfounded, as Arnold has jumped back into the film industry with both feet. And now it looks like he might be returning to one of the roles that made him famous.

Deadline has the news that Universal Pictures is moving forward with The Legend Of Conan, where Arnold will take up the sword of the barbarian from Cimmeria for the first time since 1984’s Conan The Destroyer. That’s almost 30 years, if you’re bad at math.

Conan, the barbarian hero created by Robert E. Howard, was most recently played by Jason Momoa in a disappointing 2011 reboot, but producer Fredrik Malmberg is saying that his new film will totally ignore that one, instead moving forward int he timeline to Conan as warrior king, having ceased his wandering ways and grown old on the throne. Now one last battle awaits him before he dies. Co-producer Chris Morgan (who may also writer the script) aptly describes it as “Conan’s Unforgiven.” The original Conan stories actually do follow him throughout all of the phases of his life, so it’s cool to see Hollywood embracing the fact that old people actually exist in other places besides Tommy Lee Jones romantic dramedies.

Universal wants The Legend Of Conan in theaters no later than the summer of 2014, which means that it’s going to have to be a fast, smooth shoot. A script hasn’t even been written yet, so things are still very up in the air, but from the way the producers are describing it the flick has the potential to be very cool. What do you think? Can Arnold still solve the riddle of steel?

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