Asian bat flipping GIFs, girls working out, Alexandria Morgan and more are winning the Internet today

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Channing Tatum as X-Men’s Gambit

tatum gambit


So what do you think? Good casting or bad?
Channing Tatum Confirmed to Play Gambit in Next X-Men Film [Video]

Signs Hilariously Lost in Translation

asian translations

The Chive

So close…
Asian Signs That Were Hilariously Lost in Translation (30 Photos)

Great Game Plan


Alexandria Morgan is on Fire

alexandria morgan

SI Extra Mustard

Get ready boys, she might be in the Swimsuit Issue next year.
SI Hot Clicks

Real Life GTA 5 ‘Wasted’ Moments

gta v wasted

Bro My God

Done as GIFs of course!
18 Real Life GTA 5 ‘Wasted’ Moments

Ultimate Celebrities Impersonating Celebrities Compilation

Karly Demonstrates the Hairbra and the Handbra


Gorilla Mask

She’s got really form when doing both.
Karly (NSFWish)

Stunning Photographs of the Human Race

stunning photos

Caveman Circus

Sometimes people can actually be kind of cool.
42 Stunning Photographs of the Human Race

Girls Working Out in Yoga Pants

yoga pants pics

Girls in Yoga Pants

It’s like candy for your eyes.
Pics of Girls Working Out in Yoga Pants



How to Vacation When You’re Broke

cheap vacation

MTV Guy Code

No money? You can still have some fun.
How to Have a ‘Vacation’ When You’re Broke

Best Asian Baseball Bat Flipping GIFs

bat flipping gifs

Busted Coverage

We need this in America’s game pronto.
The Best Asian Baseball Bat Flippers of the GIF Era

Life Hacks For Dogs

life hacks for dogs


Dogs have their little tricks too, you know?
8 Life Hacks For Dogs… Bark Yeah!

Your Complete Fall 2014 TV Schedule

fall tv schedule


Place your bets on which show gets canceled first.
Here’s Your Complete Fall 2014 TV Schedule

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Megan Retzlaff minnesota

SI Extra Mustard

Dog owner commandments, hot hockey fan Megan Retzlaff and more!