ASL interpreter crushes signing Wu Tang set at Bonnaroo

by 7 years ago

How do you bring to life the rap of the Wu Tang Clan for the deaf? You’ve got to have soul like this ASL interpreter, Holly, at Bonnaroo.

VICE interviewed Holly about her process. She says for each concert she does the ASL interpretation for, she researches around 50-60 hours per band.

“One thing that myself and the other girl in the video, Jenn Abbott, is that we do a lot of research. We watch a lot of videos on them performing live. We do a lot of research on where they came from and in the process of that, learning where they move on stage, and how they hold their body, how they hit a beat really hard, or a word of a song really hard, and how they annunciate their body. We do a lot of that and you know a lot of listening to the music and a lot of research where they came from.”

Sounds intense.

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