ASUS PadFone: It’s a phone, it’s a tablet, it’s a laptop

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If you own a smartphone, you probably have a computer roughly equivalent to where the most advanced desktops were about five years ago. Realistically speaking, a lot of us buy more computer than we need. So, Asus, a Taiwanese laptop maker, has decided that we need even more computer than we actually need, and introduced the ridiculous PadFone.

Asus-PadfoneAs you might have guessed, it’s an “all in one” solution, or trying to be. In reality, it’s pretty much the computer equivalent of a mullet: outdated and kind of ridiculous.

It starts with a smartphone, and actually a fairly powerful one, with a dual core Snapdragon processor. It’s well-designed, runs Android, basically what you’d expect from a modern, $600 smartphone. But then, then there are the “accessories”.

First, there’s the tablet dock, which will run you $850 without the phone. Slot the phone in the back and suddenly you’ve got a ten-inch tablet. But if you really want to go all out, you can drop another $950 on a keyboard dock for your tablet dock. So you’ve got a phone, a tablet, and a laptop for…$2300!

Which would be great if you couldn’t get Apple products for much cheaper. We’re not kidding: an iPhone is $200 with contract, a WiFi only iPad is $500, and a Macbook will run you $1000. In fact, you could up the iPad to a nice 64GB version ($700) and bump the Macbook up to a nice thirteen-incher ($1300) and still save $100.

So, yeah, maybe save your money.

ASUS PadFone Priced [Engadget]

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