The new ASUS computer is also a big-ass tablet

by 6 years ago

There is literally not a human being on Earth who needs an eighteen-inch tablet. Those people simply do not exist. But don’t bother telling that to ASUS, because their newest computer is also just that.

ASUS Transformer AiO The ASUS Transformer AiO (for All-in-One) is two things; an computer with monitor and processor integrated into one machine that you just have to plug a keyboard into, and, as we mentioned, a gigantic freaking tablet.

Granted, a foot and a half isn’t utterly impossible to use, but who the heck needs a tablet that big in the first place?

There is a nice touch: the “monitor” stand is a dock, and when you detach it, it immediately switches operating systems to Android. It’ll also be powerful, as current specs are built around Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor; this will be a tablet you can play the most advanced games on.

On the other hand, we’ll be curious to find out how much this beast weighs, considering all that’s packed into it, and also just how long the battery life lasts, since it’s not exactly designed to be energy efficient. But, hey, you’ll be able to take your office computer with you. Literally!

ASUS Transformer AiO Dual Boots [The Verge]

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