Audi’s new vehicle is…a bicycle?!

by 6 years ago

Auto manufacturers do all sorts of goofy stuff. They put test systems into concept cars, use cars to play Pong, you name it. But the e-bike, from Audi, of all people, is not a joke. How serious is Audi about this bicycle?

So serious they put in an electric motor that can go fifty miles an hour.

There’s actually a lot to love in this design, which seems built from the ground up to be an electric bike that people will, you know, actually use. The battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge…which doesn’t actually matter, because the batteries can easily be swapped out. The entire bike is made of polymer reinforced with carbon fiber, making it incredibly light and adding to the speed. Oh, and making stunts more than possible:

That electric engine, meanwhile, can put out 184 foot pounds of torque. It even has a headlight and rear signal lights built into the actual bike.

The final touch is the smart-phone controlled interface: you can set it to be a simple bicycle, make it a full electric bike, or any of three settings in between. This is a genuinely impressive design that really is built to make the bicycle more usable as urban transportation…but no word on availability or how much it’ll cost just yet.

Audi e-bike [Ubergizmo]

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