Tippers leave waitress snotty note with two pennies

by 8 years ago

Maybe I’m just sympathetic to the plight of those working in the service industry, but this note left for a waitress seems kind of cruel. What do you think?


The tone of the note bothers me the most, I think. Maybe she’s a crappy waitress. But maybe she had too many customers that night or her boss was being a dick or she just found out she has syphilis of the tongue. It just seems like leaving a snotty note with two pennies is way more trouble than it’s worth. Like you’re doing it to go, “Look at me! I’m taking a stand, sticking up for the little guy against these bully waitresses making less than minimum wage!”

Plus any note that opens with “____ 101” should probably result in the person writing it being shanked in a parking lot. Just my two cents, you guys!

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