Bang and Olufsen’s new wireless speaker is gorgeous, expensive

by 6 years ago

Bang and Olufsen are purveyors of fine luxury audio-video products, which is a market that exists, mostly to create furniture for movie sets and bankers from ’80s Hollywood thrillers. Anyway, they specialize in beautifully designed and absurdly expensive components, and the tradition continues with their new A9 system.

Bang and Olufsen

What looks at first like a chair from the ’60s or possibly a satellite dish turns out to be a cloth covering that keeps the wraps on five speakers packing 320 watts total: two mid-ranges are supported by an eight-inch woofer and two 3/4-inch tweeters. It also has a signal processing unit that analyzes where you’ve put it, such as in a corner, and adjusts its output accordingly. Adding to the appeal is that it’s wireless: You can stream music to it from pretty much any DNLA device, although for the hardcore there is a mini-jack.

320 watts isn’t technically all that much, but with Bang and Olufsen, you really pay for the look. And boy will you pay: Currently this speaker system will run you $2700.

But hey, it’s the elegance, right?

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