This ‘Just Fuck My Shit Up’ Barber Meme Features 42 People Whose Lives Were Ruined By Awful Haircuts

by 4 years ago
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The Barber Meme is quite possibly the funniest meme to hit the Internet in the past few years. This new meme goes by quite a few different names, so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t heard of ‘The Barber Meme’ just yet.

Sometimes known as the ‘Just Fuck My Shit Up’ meme, the ‘Say No More’ meme, or ‘Fam, What You Want?’ meme, the Internet hasn’t yet decided what to call this new meme you should know. But the basic structure of the meme always remains the same: Barber asking what the person wants, person gives ridiculous response, barber replies ‘say no more’ and gets to work ruining that person’s life, pic then gets posted to Twitter of ridiculous haircut with hilarious caption.

The Barber Meme is one you’re going to see frequently used when a person’s life gets completely wrecked by an awful haircut, and it’s most often used on Twitter, but it also appears (and gets recirculated on) Tumblr, and Reddit.

As a way to teach you everything you need to know about the Barber Meme (or the ‘Just Fuck My Shit Up’ meme) I’ve gathered together (from Twitter and Reddit) this gallery of 42 pictures of people who had their lives completely ruined by awful barbers, and who were subsequently thrust into Internet stardom via meme. If your favorite ‘Barber Meme’ didn’t make the cut, feel free to tweet them at me here, or send them to us on Facebook and I’ll include them in a future ‘People Who Had Their Lives Ruined By The Barber: Part 2’ Gallery.

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