Baseball WAG jokes on Twitter about husband using ExtenZe

by 7 years ago

Twitter, Amanda McCarthy

There are two baseball WAGs you should follow on Twitter. One is rather obvious in Playboy’s Jaime Edmondson, the other is Amanda McCarthy, the wife of A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy. She’s quite knowledgeable about the game but above all, has a sense of humor.

Take, for example, this tweet she sent out yesterday on the heels of the Bartolo Colon suspension.

See, that’s funny and an appropriate way to use Twitter. Unlike, you know, some other pseudo celebs who got famous when their mom shopped their sex tape (I’m not judging you Kim, just calling you a whore).

By the way, McCarthy followed that tweet up with one about pregnant chicks grabbing their crotch. Suffice it to say I’m in love.

“Why do pregnant ladies always take that awkward photo where their hand is under the belly so far it disappears? It looks like a crotch grab”

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