The Batman/Superman movie might have a title

by 5 years ago

Warner Bros allegedly went on a movie domain registration spree for the new Batman/Superman movie starring new Batfella Ben Affleck and current Superbro Henry Cavill. Might one of these titles be the final one that’ll hit theatres in 2015?

batman superman titles

Warner Bros

The original report, from fledgling movie site Fusible, analyzed the Whois domain database to find that Warner Bros registered domains that correspond to the following potential titles:

-Man of Steel: Battle the Knight
-Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
-Man of Steel: Black of Knight
-Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
-Man of Steel: Knight Falls
-Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
-Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
-Man of Steel: The Darkness Within

As Filmdrunk points out, there’s still a chance that the film defaults to Warner Bros’ long-owned domain Batman Vs. Superman.

Why so much darkness, Warner Bros? How about Man of Steel: Batman and Superman Learn the Value of Friendship. Maybe something a little more Berenstain Bears-ish? Think outside the box, guys.

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