Bear bed will confuse or terrify your children

by 7 years ago

When I think of items I don’t want my child to grow comfortable sleeping on, a giant bear holding its stomach is probably tops among them.

Incredibeds’ Brown Bear Bed seems like a cute idea for a kid’s room, particularly at $200. Up until the part where you realize that waking up on a giant bear might either strike terror into a sleepy child or give them some sort of advanced Stockholm Syndrome for hungry-looking bears.

Other beds to consider if you think this one is a good idea:
-A replica of the clown bed Bart had in The Simpsons, causing him to repeatedly mutter “Can’t sleep, clown will eat me”
-A Madame Tussaud’s-styled Jerry Sandusky bed, covered in comfy Penn State clothing (the closer to a shower, the better)

This Bed Gives Kids the Wrong Impression About Bear Encounters [Gizmodo]

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