Beer in square bottles pops up yet again

by 6 years ago

The idea of beer being put into square bottles seems to surface every few months. It’s never serious talk, but that doesn’t make the concept any less interesting.

Petit Romain, Heineken

Whether it’s the Heineken beer bottle house or the Hahn Academy, the square bottle just won’t go away. Both of those were merely concepts with no real attempt to produce them, and so is the latest, the Heineken Cube. This conceptual design is from Petit Romain in France, and touts the typical merits.

Designed to overcome the consequent loss of space between the cylinders of a pack of beer, Heineken Cube optimizes storage all along the chain: from manufacturer to consumer.
It generates a significant fuel economy during transport. Its minimalist form gives it a strong visual identity and integrates symbolic object as in consumer memory.
A new way of drinking, economic and ecological…

As Guyism commenter Cory was quick to point out last time around, the glass would have to be thicker to be sturdy enough. That would potentially outweighing the other benefits of the shape. We aren’t talking about Walmart milk cartons here. I need to know my beers are safe and sound during transit. I want that glass thicker than Urkel’s lenses if there’s a question of potential breakage.

Petit Romain, Heineken

Petit Romain, Heineken

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