This is the best ad from last night’s Super Bowl that you definitely didn’t see

by 5 years ago

Every year during the Super Bowl, people and companies can buy local ads that the rest of the nation doesn’t see. One Georgia-area lawyer did that last night and there’s no question that his ad is the best and most insane Super Bowl ad none of us got to see.

I don’t know anything about Jamie Casino and haven’t done a second of research to verify his claims but I am 100% ready to support him as the greatest lawyer who’s ever lived. Put Jamie Casino on Law and Order? Episodes last two minutes. Put him in To Kill a Mockingbird? Tom Robinson is acquitted in a day and no one ever says a bad thing about Boo Radley. Why even abide by the laws of man John Locke once laid out when you’ve got #CasinosLaw on your side? Just all fires and smashed headstones all the time. That’s how you get results.

(via Deadspin)

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