Best game going right now on the iPhone is also the hardest

by 7 years ago

Your precious iPhone 4S might be officially yesterday’s news as of tomorrow, but there’s at least one awesome way to spend its twilight day: Super Hexagon.

Oh, and it should work well even once the iPhone 5 is released, plus work well on that as well. Plus you iPad and iPod Touch people can nab a copy as well.

Anyway, the latest from Terry Cavanagh (he made this super awesome indie platformer called VVVVVV; check it out if you haven’t do so already) has been all the rage the past few days (and selling like hot cakes).

And for good reason: it’s the first truly amazing iOS game in recent memory. I myself had begun to wonder if developers on that end had hit a wall or something. But yeah, it’s super cool but super hard. I won’t even mention my best score. Let’s just say it’s pathetic.

But if you lack an appropriate Apple device there’s always the non-Super web version (plus its totally free, though a buck for the iOS app is still a bargain).

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