Big fat lady plans to eat big fat Christmas meal to get even bigger and fatter

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Susanne Eman appeared on Dr. Phil and other big media outlets chronicling her journey to lose weight. But after getting down to 450 pounds, she’s now determined to get much bigger to the tune of a robust 730 pounds. And her planned Christmas meal might make you gag.

susanne eman

YouTube/Dr. Phil

After concern from her kids and national attention, Eman went on a strict 1500 calorie diet to get down to something more reasonable. And she succeeded while on the path to get even better, hitting that 450 pound milestone in March 2013.

But after the luster of slenderness wore off, Eman decided she wants to be big and — ahem — beautiful again.

“I didn’t feel like me anymore,” Eman told the Daily Mail. “I like being fat – I love the feeling of my huge, soft folds of flesh. Controlling my food habits was like having my main source of pleasure taken away from me. Last Christmas was miserable. I was only allowed a small bit of roast turkey and veg and fruit for pudding. I’m going to make up for it this year.”

How is she going to make it up? Well here’s the meal plan she outlined with a caloric goal of 12,000 calories by the end of Christmas day.

BREAKFAST: Six cinnamon rolls, a bowl of mixed fruits and coffee with French vanilla cream
SNACKS: Crisps and nuts during cooking
LUNCH: Pepperoni pizzas
SNACKS: Bread sticks and cookies
DINNER: Ham, turkey, mashed potato with gravy, stuffing, candied yams, roast winter vegetables, rolls, green bean casserole and Waldorf salad
DESSERT: Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, cheesecake bites, cookies, fudge, baked apples and cake

Eman is unemployed — though she is married because the world makes a lot of sense — and her children and doctors remain concerned for her health.

Meanwhile, Eman is just there posting photos like this for fat fetishist fans on her Twitter:


What a coincidence…there goes my lunch.

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