BikeSpike tracks your stolen two-wheeler

If you’ve decided to use a bike to commute, you’ll quickly come across a common problem: Bikes are really, really easy to steal and really, really hard to find once stolen.

The BikeSpike not only solves this problem, it serves as a fitness tracker and collision warning system as well.

Essentially the BikeSpike is disguised with a water bottle cage. You point your smartphone at it, press a button, and the tracker is on: If your bike moves outside a predetermined boundary, you’ll be alerted and be able to post live GPS information online, or send it directly to the police.

Here’s the standard issue twee video that explains everything:

Beyond the anti-theft features, it uses accelerometers to determine just how hard your commute is working you out, and those same sensors can be programmed to automatically text a set list of people in case you experience some form of impact.

You will have to subscribe to a yearly plan in order to get the monitoring, but on the bright side, you’ll know how many calories you’re burning, and how much exercise the thief that stole your bike is getting before the cops drop on him like the Hammer of Thor.

BikeSpike [Kickstarter]