‘Bioshock Infinite’ cosplayer is so good that she got a job

by 6 years ago

To be the official real life face of the game’s female lead, Elizabeth.

Anna Moleva

It’s a pretty safe bet that every cosplayer’s wish is to have their efforts be given the thumbs up by the folks whose work is the inspiration for dress up in the first place.

Though Anna Moleva just hit the jackpot with Bioshock Infinite: a brand new job, representing the game character that she does a stunning job portraying in the real world. As a result, she’ll be playing the role at special events and is even on the back of the official box art…

Irrational Games

Click here to see other reasons why she got the role.

Obviously, this is one of those dreams come true stories, and the perfect rebuttal to those who think cosplay is juvenile and stupid. The above could also be viewed as damage control. Note the front of the box; what do you think? Well it was unveiled over the weekend and pretty much everyone hates it.

For those who want a detailed breakdown of why so many people are bitching and moaning, simply head on over to PC Gamer, Destructoid, and Kotaku. As for myself, I too agree that it’s terribly generic, and I am annoyed that I’ll have to see it… that one time, right before I place it alongside all my other game cases, which I only see the side of.

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