VIDEO: Black guy does Centurion Challenge

by 6 years ago

You’ve most likely participated in Power Hour at some point in your life, and if you’re like me, that point has come on at least 20 different occasions. Sometimes an hour just isn’t enough though, and that’s when it’s time for Century Club. This video is a great primer into what might happen if you try to pull off 100 shots of beer (150 ounces for those who are bad at math) in 100 minutes.

That was some fantastic babbling going on there.

Everyone sucks. Don’t hate, subscriptiate…motherfuckers.
Holy shitballs, Batman.
Every minute creeps up on you like a dirty old pimp that just wants to beat you the fuck up for your money.
What is that rolly thing that picks up dirt?
You must be an angel of fire. Touchet.
I’m sparticaus, but I’m black…blarticus.
What world is this where time is just another dimension.
I am the culmination of the world. ZINGER!

I’ve done Century Club a few times, and I don’t remember getting this drunk. Then again, most of the times it was a 60th minute extension from Power Hour to Century Club, and you’ve have to be pretty drunk to think that was a good idea.

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