Blacksocks: Track your socks wherever they are…seriously

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While I’m not a fashion plate, I do know that white socks belong in the gym and black socks belong in the office. Unfortunately, finding a matching pair of socks can be a bit tricky and annoying.

So what to do? If you’re an incredibly fussy person, you buy Blacksocks, socks with tracking chips in them.

No, really, that exists.

Essentially, each sock has a button sewn into it with a RFID chip. The socks come in packs of ten and are issued with a little detector, so you can match each sock with its exact mate. Here’s a YouTube video:

If you go to the home page, you’ll discover that these are created by “sock artisans”, or at least people who take socks seriously enough to think of themselves as “artisans”. And, on their own, they do sound like incredibly nice socks.

So, why would you want to match a bunch of black socks, made by sock artisans, to their mate. So you can use the Sock Sorter (the finder gadget we told you about) to make sure your socks are as black as possible and haven’t faded beyond use.

Seriously. I’m not pulling your leg. This exists! Admittedly $190 is a hell of a lot to pay for ten pairs of socks but really it’s no more expensive than socks from designer labels, and at least these come with something useful.

Blacksocks [Official Site]

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