Bomb-proof rechargeable flashlight is cool, indestructible

by 7 years ago

Flashlights are, as a rule, not exactly built to last. A good Maglite will last you years, but that plastic number at the hardware store? Forget it. So if you like your flashlights tough, consider shelling out for the Larson Electronics EXP-LED-51 Flashlight, proven to be able to withstand explosions.

rechargeable flashlight It lasts in two ways. First, it’s rated Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2. For those unfamiliar with these kinds of ratings systems, that means it can handle a gas explosion or blast from other airborne combustibles (think anything that’s a fine dust) and keep working.

It’s also rated to operate for 50,000 hours. Even better, you’ll save a fortune in batteries as it’s designed to be charged. At 1.3 lumens it’ll operate for 480 hours and at 50 lumens, it’ll go for 50 hours. If you were wondering how bright it can get, it can go up to 130 lumens. That’s not “light up a room” bright but it’s plenty powerful.

The one downside is the price: $320. That’s because it’s built for police and other emergency responders. But, hey, you’ll save a lot on batteries.

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