‘Borderlands 2’ has a girlfriend skill tree that has many upset

by 8 years ago

Because, you see, it’s for players who aren’t very good. Like your girlfriend. Since she probably sucks at games, like all women. Get it?

Gearbox Software

Recently, the lead designer of Borderland 2, when explaining one of the skill tress in the upcoming game, which is what allows the game to adapt to the player’s ability, got in a lot of hot water. Why? Because one is aimed at players who aren’t very good, and is dubbed the Girlfriend Tree. Oh boy.

The resulting sh*tstorm came fast and hard. According to Destructoid, the president of Gearbox, developers of the game, went on record to state that there is no such thing as a Girlfriend tree, and is just a term that one person internally decided to use.

Furthermore, people have been reporting it because it was a slow news day, and yada, yada, yada. And, not surprisingly, everyone is split between two camps. The “great, another example of how sexist the video game industry is” side and the “great, another example of how overly politically correct the world has become” faction.

Here’s the deal; I’m confident that no one working on the game is a sexiest piece of crap, but at least one person IS a total dumb ass. You’d think by now that people, primarily those who create entertainment, should know how to behave with those who write about such stuff. Who all absolutely live for stupid, behind the scenes dirt.

Like an inside term that could easily be twisted into a headline, no matter how much of a non-news item it might ultimately be. Hey, like I just did!

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