Brandon Marshall allegedly punched a woman

by 7 years ago


The Brandon Marshall trade makes a bit more sense now. The wide receiver allegedly punched a woman early Sunday morning at Chelsea, a swanky New York City nightclub. According to the NY Post, the altercation began in the club and poured into the streets.

Marshall — who earned his nickname with his aggressive style of play — then allegedly cold-cocked Myles in the left eye. She suffered a black eye. It wasn’t clear if he allegedly intended to strike her or one of her pals.
Myles filed a police report Monday with the 10th Precinct against Marshall, sources said. She told cops she waited a day before making the allegation because she was nervous about Marshall’s high-profile status.

Not surprisingly, Marshall denies the allegation and claims it was a bottle that hit Myles in the face. Either way, you have to wonder if the Bears were aware of this altercation before making the trade. And if they were aware, what were they thinking?

Two third round picks seemed like a steal at the time but with Marshall’s history and this recent spat, they may have gotten more than they bargained for.