Breaking Bad fans want this surprising thing to happen to Walter White (spoilers)

by 5 years ago

What do Breaking Bad watchers want from the series finale this coming Sunday? Has to be justice, right? Nope. Breaking Bad spoilers abound after the jump.

The survey, commissioned by Survata, asked viewers about which outcome they would prefer for Walter White by the end of the series finale. And they…want him to avoid all trouble and keep all his money?

breaking bad finale


So basically if Walter White comes back, distracts the Aryan Gun Club with free pizza, then steals all his money back and loads it into a plane headed straight for Bermuda, 1/4th of the general public will be totally stoked. Maybe we can bang all that out in the first ten minutes and spend the rest of the episode on Walt trying to figure out whether to go with an aggressive or conservative investment strategy?

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