‘Breaking Bad’ theories and possible spoilers: Confessions

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Another week down on the Walter White Magical Methory Tour. What findings and theories can we come up with from this week’s Breaking Bad, “Confessions”? Let’s find out.

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-When watching the episode, it’s easy to think back on all of the things that got Jesse to the point at the end of the episode where he’s ready to burn down the White family’s house. HitFix has a great timeline of events related to the ricin cigarette that got Jesse to this point.

-Jesse is no snitch. You can do what you will to him — and he might hate you for it as he does Mr. White — but he’s not going to rat. Thug life.

-Walt’s fake confession was a beautifully evil little moment. I’m not sure if that’ll be enough to take Hank out of the game entirely. But between that and his spinning Walt Jr. like he’s tried to spin everyone else, this was not a good episode for the “Walt’s not that bad” bandwagon I’ve been pulling.

-Great misdirection with the episode being titled “Confessions” and the cliffhanger from last episode centering on Jesse possibly confessing to Hank. Instead, we’re treated to Walt’s admission of guilt for all of his crimes working for the nefarious Hank in his meth syndicate.

-It should be noted that the confession video opens the exact same way as the show did with Walter’s episode one video that was “not an admission of guilt.”

-For all of the insincere things Walt did in the episode, I didn’t doubt his sincerity when he hugged Jesse and told him he should take the vacuum cleaner guy solution to get out of town. Jesse’s got no use in Albuquerque any more and, for his own sanity, getting far away would do wonders. All Huell and Saul had to do was let Jesse keep his pot and they all could have been a lot better for it.

-Again, Todd proves to be a true gentleman in how he conducts himself. A charming voicemail for Walter White explaining what he’s doing back in the game and a dramatic retelling of their train heist. I don’t think there’s any way that Todd willingly turns against Mr. White in any capacity in the remainder of this show.

-Jesse’s mental gymnastics about how Huell stole the pot from him seems like it was a bridge too far for some people. But if you think about all of the time Jesse’s had, alone, stewing about all of these things that have happened…it definitely makes more sense. This was not the first time he faced the thought that someone pulled the ricin cigarette from him.

-After all of the things Walter White has done to Jesse, his first impulse is arson? You want to kill the guy, beat him up like you did Saul, shot him, stab him, whatever, I’m all in. But burning his house down when he’s not even in it? Weird step, Jesse. Really weird.

-Walter White is more shadow than man at this point:

And, of course, the preview for next week’s episode because we hate AMC for stashing it in Low Winter Sun:

Shit’s about to go down!

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