The BrewDog craft beer TV show looks incredible

by 6 years ago

This BrewDog TV show about craft beer needs to happen. Founders James Watt and Martin Dickie want to travel the world to find the most interesting beers, educate consumers, and destroy mass produced garbage.

The show is just a dream at the moment. They filmed the pilot themselves, at the request of absolutely no one. The premise is sound though, and the two brewers are certainly people I’d like to watch. With Anthony Bourdain ditching the Travel Channel, it seems like that would be the ideal place for them. Or E!. Is Wild On! still a TV show? Take these two, throw in a hostess who doesn’t know anything (gives the viewer someone to whom they can relate) but is smokin’ hot (helps retain viewers), and travel the world getting drunk. I don’t see how this already isn’t progress.

BrewDog TV Show [BrewDog]

UPDATE: The video is gone, but the show is actually happening. It premieres on Esquire this September.

UPDATE 2: The first look at the show is up!

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