BugASalt lets you blast flies with a salt shotgun

by 8 years ago

Flies are annoying. Sadly, buckshot is both ineffective and expensive when blowing them out of the sky. Santa Monica artist Lorenzo Maggiore has a solution that’s safer, cheaper… and just as satisfying.

The pitch video has terrible sound but truly awesome slow-motion video:

The BugASalt works on the same principle as a shotgun, only instead of gunpowder and buckshot, it uses compressed air and salt. If you’ve ever used a Super Soaker, you’ll be familiar with this concept. Fill the reservoir with table salt, pump the action until the vessel is properly pressurized, and then point, shoot, and kill. It’s essentially a scaled-down insect shotgun.

The brilliance of this is that it not only works, it licks just about every possible problem with insect control near food. Table salt is, of course, non-toxic and dirt cheap. The device itself is easy to use and doesn’t require any specialized parts. This really is design at its best and for this we salute you, Mr. Maggiore.

If you want one, he’s putting together a crowdfunding campaign using IndieGogo. Thirty bucks gets you a BugASalt.

BugASalt [IndieGogo]

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