Burner: An app that constantly generates disposable numbers

by 7 years ago

There are lots of reasons you don’t want to hand out your cell phone number. There are just people that you never ever want to speak to right after you meet them, yet are obligated socially to offer some form of contact information to.

This is where Burner comes in.

If you’re up on your street slang, or just watch The Wire, then you already know what a Burner is. For those unfamiliar, it’s a term for a pre-paid cell phone used by drug dealers.

Essentially, Burner creates a cellphone within your cellphone. People dial the Burner number and you get the call, but you can just burn the number at any time whatsoever and the number is gone forever.

There is, of course, a catch: Each number will cost you $2, and has a limited number of minutes you’ll have to refill. This is in addition to the app running $2.

On the other hand, if you never want to give your phone number to annoying people that you meet in bars, this will be worth every $2 you spend to keep your phone private.

Burner [Official Site]

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