Bus driver caught jacking it while driving the bus

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Should I be impressed or horrified? Probably a little bit of both.

jackin it


George Simpson, 41, is accused of spanking one out while working as a driver on an NJ Transit bus.

The incident was captured on video by a passenger who was horrified by what she witnessed.

According to the unnamed camerawoman’s lawyer, she filmed the incident because she couldn’t believe the lewdness and the danger the driver was putting all of the passengers in.

“The outrage, the danger he was putting the other passengers in and the other commuters, it is unspeakable,” lawyer Patrick Metz told New York’s ABC affiliate.

NJ Transit claims that the bus driver was immediately removed from the job without pay after hearing about the incident. Police also arrested the man and charged him with reckless endangerment and public lewdness.

A neighbor of Simpson said to the New York Daily News, “He must have been really horny. He must have seen someone he really liked on that bus.”

Is that an admissible defense? Seems like it should be. “Well your honor, I know what I did wasn’t a great idea, but I was really horny and really liked someone on the bus.” “Oh, of course. Not guilty!” *camera pans back to reveal the judge is masturbating while he bangs his gavel.


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