The alleged butt-chugger’s press conference was hilarious

by 8 years ago

The alleged butt-chugger is back in the news, and he vehemently denies all allegations. He also claims that being known as the butt-chugger has ruined his life. Unfortunately, his lawyer hilariously won’t stop saying butt-chugging.

I don’t consider myself a journalist, per se, but I did have to laugh at his suggestions that they take an ethics class. Whether the facts are right or not, I can’t think of a more responsible place to obtain them than from the police report, hospital, and university. He can blame the media all he wants, but it’s when you roll into the hospital because of drinking (is it drinking if it’s rectal consumption?) too much, your outrage isn’t going to carry much weight. I did like the standard frat disclaimer that they told him not to play the drinking game, but he did it anyways. I’ve been on the lying end of that claim on multiple occasion.

Speaking of the drinking game, I’m not sure how this guy got so drunk if he was in fact just playing “Tour de Franzia.” Splitting a box of wine between four people isn’t enough to send a middle-aged woman to the hospital let alone a regular-drinking college guy. I have to give him credit for escaping the opportunity to give any indication what actually happened by saying, “that’s a long story.” We’ve all had a few of those nights before.

UPDATE: According to his statement to police, there were a few pre-game beers and the Tour was actually played with two person teams. That makes a hospital trip much more likely. He claims he blacked out about halfway through the game, in which case I don’t see how he can legally swear he didn’t later to any butt-chugging. I imagine you could tell if something was up your ass, but he can’t be certain.

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