‘Butt Drunk (The Vodka Tampon Song)’ is a tight jam

Vodka soaked tampons haven’t been mentioned in at least a couple of months, so here’s “Butt Drunk (The Vodka Tampon Song)” by Amanda DeSimone. It’s an amazing video that we all missed reminding us how stupid some people are.

With all the talk of butt chugging last fall, I don’t know how we all missed this video. Thankfully my degenerative searches turn up some unique results. I don’t know how we would have gone on living without hearing a rap about rectalizing vodka soaked tampons.

I don’t like things up my ass, but in this case I’m cool with it / My doctor says it’s not okay, but I don’t care what haters say.”

DeSimone may be the first person in the history of modern medicine to refer to a doctor as a hater, and for that, she has my undying love and eternal allegiance. ‘Til kidney failure do us part.