We can all relate to these men who are completely miserable while their wives are shopping

by 5 years ago

Going shopping with the girl in your life is perpetually one of the worst things men can endure. A new Instagram account is attempting to capture how terrible it is and it’s oh so good.

The Instagram account, miserable_men, includes original photos and user submissions of men with looks ranging from despondent to apoplectic at having to wait for their woman to wrap up her shopping.

Some of the highlights:

Some woman has found a way to make this man hate lingerie. Truly an inspiring accomplishment.

That shirt. those socks. That face. He should probably suck it up and take whatever’s being thrown his way.

Holding the purse and all of her clothes is not a good look for any man. Plus the purse doesn’t even match his shoes.

This man may have literally died. When will women understand the horrors they wreak upon us?

There are a whole lot more for you to peruse on the miserable_men Instagram if you like rejoicing in others’ suffering — and, really, if you’re coming to Guyism regularly, you basically have to.

(via Business Insider)

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