CannaBull is an energy shot and weed all in one

by 7 years ago

Combining weed and caffeine is a concept that never would have occurred to me. CannaBull Energized Euphoria Energy Shot does that by adding THC and CBD to 160 milligrams of caffeine.

I haven’t actually had the shot, so I’ll leave it to Steve Elliott:

I brought a healthy skepticism to the table when I tried CannaBull; I downed the two-ounce energy shot all at once, as recommended. I tried the energy shot first thing in the morning, before breakfast even, just in case it did work. Well, what do you know? Turns out it did — for hours.

It wasn’t just the conventional energy shot I was feeling, either. While the bottle doesn’t say how much cannabis is in a CannaBull, the amount was enough, in my case, for a noticeable stone, and I have a rather high tolerance. So my guess is, it’ll work for you too, although individual reactions and metabolisms can be very different from each other.

The energy boost from my CannaBull last easily four hours, then gradually tailed off into a certain weariness, the price, of course, for having thus temporarily elevated your metabolism.

I was so taken aback by the idea of mixing marijuana and caffeine that I couldn’t see the point. How could you chill out while hopped up on energy shots? After talking to a few friends who allegedly partake in the herb, the concept isn’t so crazy after all. Somehow I forgot about all those functional smokers who are incredibly productive when high. I’m imagine about 75% of the best comedy writers do so while under the influence, am I’m not sure how I forgot about that. Maybe I’m high right now.

I couldn’t find anything online about Canna Bull, but I guess it’s not surprising that there isn’t a big marketing push. The couple places that have it seem to be consistent with about $10 each.

No Bull: CannaBull Energy Shot Actually Works [Seattle Weekly]

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