‘Street Fighter’ 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set will cost you

by 7 years ago

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise. So developer and publisher Capcom, well known for nickel and diming their customers, is readying a special edition that’s, not surprisingly, pricey as hell.


Some may argue that the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set is in fact a good deal, but let’s break it down. First, four games are included: Super Turbo HD Remix (great game, marred by poorly applied high res graphics, by the way) and Third Strike are both still awesome and all, but are also dirt cheap when you just get them individually on XBLA or PSN.

Then there’s Super SF4 Arcade Edition, which is again like $20 if you look hard enough, and Street Fighter X Tekken, which is brand new and also kind of sucks. All totaled, it’s not quite the asking prices of $150, but I guess when you consider how all the DLC is included, then you might be saving about $100 or something equally ridiculous.

The set also includes some documentaries about the franchise’s legacy and lots of anime. The animated SF2 flick from back in the day, every episodes of the series, plus a pair of SF4 flicks that I had no idea even existed. Sorry, the live action movie starring Van Damme doesn’t look to be included.

Furthermore, there’s an 11-disc soundtrack, the obligatory art book (which is only 64 pages, and that’s pretty dumb, given how much visual history there is to cover), a light up state of Ryu, his belt, and a certificate of authenticity. People still care about that kind of stuff? Plus it all comes in this “snazzy” box…


It’ll be available later this year, so start saving that scratch right now. Here’s some advice: don’t bother with any Capcom DLC from now till then. You’re sure to have an easy $200 in the bank account.

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