Celebrate! It’s World Whisky Day!

by 8 years ago


Unlike most of the drinking holidays we’ve celebrated here on Guyism, World Whisky Day has a known origin. It’s not a Hallmark holiday created by a brand to tout their product. Rather, it was created by a guy who just so happens to love whisky.

If you drink a dram of whisk(e)y today, you are officially part of the very first (hopefully annual) World Whisky Day. Don’t feel as though you need to stop at such a minuscule amount though. The holiday was conceived by Blair Bowman, a college kid at University of Aberdeen. He’s a bar manager, but more importantly, he’s a whisky enthusiast.

What started as a Facebook event that I RSVP’ed to out of humor has grown into a full fledged celebration of everyone’s favorite brown spirit. There are events planned in countries all across the world, including at least one on every continent except Antarctica.  I’m sure there is a penguin down there drinking from a sunken bottle though.


The World Whisky Day website has been slammed with so much traffic today that it’s actually down right now (UPDATE: It’s back up). To get in on the action, visit the site and see where an event near you is taking place. Or, you could always drink alone. No shame in that. There’s even a photo contest with the winner getting a bottle of booze!

So what are you drinking today? I’m leaning toward either finishing off my bottle of Macallan 18 or a drink from Mr. George T. Stagg.

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