Celebrate National Rum Day with these three dry cocktails

by 6 years ago

When I think of rum, sweetness immediately comes to mind. No, not Walter Payton. I’m talking the defining taste of most rums. And while I’ve been known to consume a tiki drink or thirty in my day, Brugal Extra Dry is a refreshing change of pace.


A few weeks back I attended the Chicago launch party for Brugal Extra Dry. I’m not one to pass on an opportunity to stand around sipping new cocktails from some of the cities best bartenders. It’s just not in my genes, or khakis, to skip that sort of event regardless of what’s being served. I had never experimented with dry rum though, so I was intrigued. Maybe that’s just the brut in me.

The entire theme of the evening was to swap out a typical sweet drink with a dry equivalent. When I walked in I receive a bag of candy, and we were meant to use the small candies as currencies for the drinks. It was clever and fitting, but I was nervous. There were only 6 or 7 candies in the pouch, and I was obviously concerned that wouldn’t be enough. Thankfully, it turned out you didn’t actually have to fork over the candy, so I simply ate them. Can’t let good sugar go to waste, right?

Each of these cocktails is a dry twist on another drink, and each was executed to perfection. With a the help of a decent liquor store, you should be able to make any of these at home.
Dry Lime in the Coconut

Peter Wagner, Brugal

Inspired by a Dark & Stormy. The girlfriend’s favorite of the night.
Thomas Mooneyham of Henri & The Gage

1.5 oz. Brugal Extra Dry Rum
1 oz. Ginger Syrup
.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
2 oz. Coconut LaCroix Sparkling Water

Combine Brugal Extra Dry Rum, ginger syrup, and lime juice in a mixing glass, shake and strain into Collins glass with ice. Top with Coconut LaCroix, quick stir, and garnish with a lime wedge.

Dry Rum Cooler

Peter Wagner, Brugal

Inspired by a Rum Cooler. My favorite.
Created by Pete Gugni of Scofflaw

1.5 oz. Brugal Extra Dry Rum
.5 oz. Aperol
1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
.75 oz. Cain Syrup
Tonic Water

Muddle cucumber and add Brugal Extra Dry Rum, Aperol, Fresh Lime Juice and Cain Syrup to mixing glass. Shake and strain into a Collins glass with ice. Top with tonic water, garnish with fresh cucumber.

Dry Violet

Peter Wagner, Brugal

Inspired by an Aviation
Created by John McCarthy from Whitehall & Highlands in NYC
Served by Jonny Abens of my gracious host, ROOF

2 oz.. Brugal Extra Dry Rum
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.5 oz. Maraschino Liqueur
Creme de Violette
Brandied Cherry (so awesome)

Combine Brugal Extra Dry Rum, Maraschino Liqueur and lemon juice in mixing glass, shake and strain into a Creme de Violette-rinsed cocktail glass. Garnish with a brandied cherry.

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