Chapel Hill bans cell phones while driving completely

by 8 years ago

It’s no secret that you shouldn’t be on the phone while driving. It’s basically the equivalent of getting behind the wheel after drinking two beers. No, really. It’s that dangerous.

tongue textingBut hands-free and Bluetooth sets are less dangerous, right? Not really. The problem is that if it draws your attention away from the road and into your conversation, so…yeah. And now Chapel Hill has pulled the trigger and eradicated it completely. Like, completely completely.

The basic problem is that morons tend to simply set the phone to “speaker” and point the microphone at their mouths. That’s generally a one-way ticket to a car accident.

On the other hand, this does raise the question of what, exactly, is acceptable and safe behavior in a car. Can you use a GPS, for example? It’s supposedly OK because you’re not talking to it, but at the same time, it does invite you to glance at the screen, taking your eyes off the road.

In other words, it’s a slippery slope to taking away all the toys. But we’ll see if it works: somehow, we’re pretty sure Chapel Hill will learn you can’t ban.

US City Completely Bans Using Your Cell Phone In a Car [Gizmodo]

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