Charles Bukowski arguing with his girlfriend is fascinatingly awkward AND WHAT DID HE JUST CALL HER?!?

Charles Bukowski was a prolific writer and a little bit of a curmudgeon.

In this undated interview, Charles had a couple drinks (just a hunch) and told his then fiancee how he really felt about her going out all hours of the night.

Like most fights between couples, this argument is fascinatingly uncomfortable to watch. Then he drops the C-word and things go from bad to “oh, Christ, get us out of here.” To make matters worse, she ended up marrying the sweet talker!

If the whole poetry and novel thing didn’t work out, Bukowski could have written some intense greeting cards.

“Do you know what a lying cunt you are? You don’t? Well, you are, but Happy Birthday anyway!”

He sure had a way with words.