ChatPerf, because you want your iPhone to fire off stench

by 7 years ago

Something I will never understand, from now until the day I die, is why people get trying to make gadgets that engage the sense of smell. Samsung recently invented a phone I’ve taken to calling the Perfume Hose, but that’s just a patent.

Chaku Perfume

Chaku Perfume

The ChatPerf, invented by a Japanese perfume company (of course the Japanese are involved in this), actually exists and can be bought by people. But it is, as you might expect, a bit of a pain in the ass.

The ChatPerf is a widget/app combo. Plug the widget into your iPhone, fire up the app, and experience the joy of discovering technology can now fart on you.

The problem is this: The app for your iPhone will only release whatever stench you have in the ChatPerf at the time, so to tie odors to events, you’ll need to switch in the proper smell tank.

Seriously. They expect you to fiddle with this thing, and also to carry around tanks of smell. Have you ever broken a perfume bottle? This thing has the potential to be a stink bomb.

The really sad thing is that the inventor, Chaku Perfume, believes this is “better suited to foreign markets”. Guys, when something is too weird for Japan? It’s time to give up.

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