9 important questions about Cheese Chester’s broken foot in the pierogi race

by 4 years ago

Sad news to report as Cheese Chester broke his foot last night. Chester, a staple of the Pittsburgh Pirates pierogi race, will be out 6-8 weeks. The scene was quite somber as Chester was taken away on a stretcher. Was there foul play at work here? Did Cheese Chester flop? I’m asking the important questions today.

9. Why does Cheese Chester look like Waldorf from the Muppets?

Cheese Chester

8. Is this lady really a doctor?

cheese chester doctor

7. Because I have my doubts—she tried to put her stethoscope on Cheese Chester’s weiner.

Cheese Chester penis

6. Is Cheese Chester insured by the Allegheny Health Network? Are mascot injuries covered under Obamacare?

Cheese Chester obamacare

5. Can Jim Ross come out of semi-retirement to call this injury?

4. As far as astute observations go, where does this rank?

Cheese Chester tweet

3. Is Cheese Chester really a patriot, or is he just playing the #NEVERFORGET card?

cheese chester never forget

2. Wait, forget Cheese Chester, I want to know why “Bruh If Kevin Hart” was trending on Twitter?!

Twitter trends

1. Is this the worst post on the internet?

cheese chester injury

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