Chick gets proposed to on ‘Price Is Right’, goes on to win $35,000 in prizes

by 5 years ago

There are good days. And then there’s the kind of day this girl Morgan had, getting proposed to on an episode of The Price Is Right and then going on to win the Showcase Showdown and over $35,000 in prizes. Lucky woman.

Among the prizes she won on the show after getting a ring put on it were a Jeep, a trip to Bora Bora, a home office, and some pearl jewelry.

Pretty big win for the dude proposing. Sure, maybe he doesn’t need the pearl jewelry she won but she basically doubled her net worth seconds after she agreed to marry him. That’s a big get right there. Like getting a bunch of one penny stock and the next day it’s listed at over $1 an on the NASDAQ. Biggest win ever for a dude wearing a matching shirt with a woman, by far.

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