China bans bras during university entrance exams

Well, this is one way for the pervs, I mean men, involved in running China’s annual university entrance exams to get titillated. Of course, that’s more Japan’s style so we’ll cut China some slack here because there is actually a valid (?) reason for banning bras during these exams: cheating.

no bra

No bra image by Shutterstock

Before this week’s gaokao — the intensely competitive Chinese equivalent to A-levels — schools in Jilin province have outlawed any metal object or item of clothing that sets off detectors being installed outside exam halls.

The measure is reportedly an attempt to prevent increasingly brazen and sophisticated cheats from sneaking listening devices or transmitters into the exam.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. They just want a better look at the girls’ goodies. I get it. No need to go all “we have to do this” on us. It’s actually genius so take stock of it China. You win again.

Bras begone: China clamps down on cheating in university entrance exams by banning brassieres [National Post]