Chrome gets Send to Kindle extension

by 7 years ago

One of the big problems of an e-reader is putting stuff like magazine articles and Web posts on it for you to read later. There are solutions for doing so, but most of them are proprietary, clunky, or both. So Amazon decided to fix the problem with a Chrome extension. And it’s one of the most useful things I’ve ever jammed into a browser.

send to kindle

Send to Kindle

The extension is pretty simple. Download it for Chrome and when you want to send something to your Kindle to read later, you hit Alt + K and you’re done.

No. Really. That’s it. Seriously, whatever it is, it’s on your Kindle.

I downloaded the extension and put it on Chrome, and put it to the ultimate Amazon stress test: Sending it to a Kindle app. Amazon’s support for their apps is notoriously behind their actual devices.

Not here. It was smooth and simple. Granted there were a few hiccups: the extension doesn’t seem to like the more exotic HTML functions, but there was nothing awful or gratuitous. In short, it’s a very easy tool to use, and you should probably be using Chrome anyway.

Send To Kindle [Amazon]

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