Clip-on iPhone lenses give you better pictures without editing

by 7 years ago

There’s no shortage of photo filtering software on the iPhone and iPad. But, really, if you’re going to do photography on a phone, why screw around? You should use lenses.

Clip-on iPhone LensesThe problem being, of course, that most iPhone lens attachments were either bulky cases that were impossible to get off or clunky attachments that involved modifying your phone. At least until now.

Courtesy iPhone accessory maker Gizmon comes the solution: clip-on lenses. You simply slide the clip over the top of your iPhone or iPad, and the lens slots into place perfectly. It allows you to change lenses quickly and simply: just slide the clip off and put it somewhere the lens won’t get scratched.

Currently, the lenses only come in three types: a fisheye lens, for those extreme wide shots; a polarizing filter, to cut down on glare and washed out images (seriously, attach this if you find that’s a problem, it really does help), and a “three-image mirage filter”, which we assume does something goofy and cliched. But at $35 a pop, who cares: you can have all three handy when you need them.

Clip-On Lenses [OhGizmo!]

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