Clopen is both a floating shelf and a hidden drawer

by 6 years ago

Ah, the floating shelf. Never has humanity come up with a more lazy way of holding stuff up than literally bolting a piece of wood to the wall.

clopenLeave it to the Japanese to come up with a way to both maximize space and make the floating shelf awesome.

The Clopen is a pretty simple concept. It’s a small, thin drawer and enclosure design to look like a simple lacquered piece of wood. The look is kept utterly seamless by including no drawer pulls, locks, or other clues that might possibly clue thieves or nosy roommates in.

But, take out the magnetic “drawer pulls,” and you have a drawer.

You won’t be hiding fat stacks of cash in this one; it’s just shy of an inch deep. But it’s the perfect place to hide small stuff that you won’t miss if somebody stumbles across it, and if you don’t care about privacy it’s a great way to store, say, relevant documents while saving some space.

Besides, it looks neat. And who doesn’t want a secret stash that looks like you need a CIA job to own?

Clopen Shelf Doubles As A Secret Drawer [Designboom]

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