Coca-Cola vending machine trades soda for dancing

by 8 years ago

Coca-Cola’s newest vending machine gives out free sodas when someone successfully plays a knockoff version of Dance Dance Revolution. What it really does is prove multiple stereotypes. They say that stereotypes exist for a reason, and apparently Coke knew that was true. In less than two minutes I learned that all girls play patty cake, all Koreans break dance, and all fat kids do the exact same shimmy for a sugarbomb.

I’m not usually envious of other country’s, but this would never happen in the US. Coke is trading free 20-ouncers for a few windmills in Korea, meanwhile Bloomberg is outlawing the sales of sodas over 16-ounces because he thinks New Yorkers are fat and stupid.

Korean Coke Machine Prompts Passersby To Dance For Free Soda [VVV]

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