Coke vs. Pepsi battle gets action movie treatment

by 6 years ago

One director is single-handedly trying to re-ignite the cola wars. This incredible spec ad fires the first shot from Coke to Pepsi. I hope for my eyes’ enjoyment that the other side fights back.

While Coke and Pepsi are obviously still competitors, the public battle has subsided. I haven’t seen a blind taste test in decades, and with the exception of Pepsi Max claiming that a Coke Zero truck driver prefers their product, they rarely even mention each other. That doesn’t make this video any less awesome. It’s Braveheart meets 300 with the finishing move of MIB. What more could you want in 46 seconds? The ending is a little creepy though. I’m not sure if that’s cannibalism or gay sex, but I feel weird now.

Cool Spec Coke Commercial [Copyranter]

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