Colorado homebrewers toying with pot beer

by 6 years ago


From the breweries to the homebrewers, Colorado has a major craft beer community. They crank out amazing beer and are never afraid to experiment. The question is, will pot be used as a beer ingredient now that it’s legal?

While commercial brewers have no plans to use marijuana in their beers based on the fact that brewers’ recipes are regulated by a federal government that still considers marijuana illegal, homebrewers have been, and are expected to continue, using marijuana in homemade beer.

Boulder-based American Homebrewer Association Director Gary Glass said homebrewers have been using marijuana in homebrews before Amendment 64 passed. He is not sure how pot legalization will impact the homebrewing market. He noted marijuana could be an expensive ingredient to add to a beer.

At a Boulder Dredhop Homebrew competition, Glass said he had the opportunity to sample a beer brewed with marijuana.

Glass said he didn’t particularly like the beer and would not seek it out, but noted that with innovations coming out of the homebrewing community there is room for a whole new style of beer with marijuana.

From everything I’ve read, no one seems to think that pot beer tastes very good. Something in the brewing process just doesn’t go as one would hope. That alone is reason enough for the fad to die as quickly as it starts. It’s not as if smoking a joint or eating a brownie is difficult allegedly, so why suffer through bad beer? It’s called multitasking people. Plus, there’s always weed wine.

The question is, would you drink it? Assume it tastes terrible but the effects are exactly what you’d hope for. Is it worth it trying more than once?

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