Concrete wine bunkers are clever, functional

by 6 years ago

As you might be able to tell, making stuff out of concrete that isn’t a garage or a massive Brutalist public works project (or both) is catching on with the artsy-craftsy crowd. Which is a benefit to the rest of us, because it means we can decorate with something as manly as leather but a lot cheaper.

concrete wine bunker


Like, for example, this concrete wine storage.

Concrete actually has some advantages when it comes to storing wine: It doesn’t hold heat very well, so your wine will stay a bit cooler.

Beyond that, the design is pretty clever: It’s simple, just a concrete block with a hole in it, but that makes it stackable. You can use it like any other concrete block, as well, so if you have a basement and want to build a wine cellar, order a bunch of these, bust out some mortar, and start building your own wine shelf.

The one downside is that these are custom orders, so it’ll take two weeks for one to be made. But they won’t cost you very much: They’re $25 a pop on Etsy, before shipping.

Concrete Wine Bunker [Etsy]

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